Monday, April 25, 2011

Random Thoughts

So I got my hair colored today. It looks like Emma Stone's color in Easy A. I almost wish it was just a little bit more red.

Today I'm moving my old bed frame and cutting table so there's room in the second bedroom for the new roommate. This girl was supposed to move in and now she's not sure, which makes me kind of mad seeing as I asked her 2 weeks ago if she wanted to move in and she said she did. Now she's not sure and I have 1 week to find a roommate.

I made new curtains the other night and I'm having a party on Thursday so everyone can come and admire them. If anything it's just an excuse to invite people over. People think I'm crazy when they learn I'm throwing a party for curtains, but I threw a party over buying new bowls a couple of months ago.

I'm in the process of writing a poem for some friends getting married. It's about how they're relationship is like ice cream. Maybe I'll post it sometime. I found this poem I wrote awhile ago. I didn't write it with anyone in mind, but I'm in a phase where I'm sharing my talents. Hope you enjoy, just don't read too much into's just a poem.

Someone to love me

I promise I would be somebody

But I thought that I was not

When someone was there to love me

I pushed them out of thought

I wanted to be somebody

But I don’t know where to start

And I thought I’d love somebody

But all I did was break my heart

When love caught me off guard

I stumbled and lost my way

But love caught me back again

And started all my days

When the sky was dark and lonely

My heart did not share its track

But now I’m in love with someone

And they with love brought me back

Sunday, April 17, 2011

To Mom:

I miss the smell of your perfume and the wrinkles on your face

I miss the way you light a room when you walked into the place

I miss the times you let me try my clumsy hand at baking

Or the way that opportunities were yours then, for the taking

I miss your hair, your eyes, your clothes, I even miss your skin

I miss the way you hugged me tight and said that I could win

I miss the times I cried to you I miss the good times too

But most of all I miss your love it always will stay true

And even though I can’t feel you or see you laugh or smile

You’re always there to cheer me on no matter what the trial

So dear mom I hope you know I’ll always miss you, yet--

I know that through the good and bad I love you, don’t forget.

(Just been thinking about her a lot lately. She was the greatest woman I know.)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Merit Badge

I feel just like an eagle scout earning merit badges of life

Some I get from doing good or some from enduring worldly strife

Our scout master is our loving God who helps us find the way

A life lesson here, a trial there so we’ll all be Eagle Scouts one day

I earn some from the widow by helping her to cross the street

I earn some from the neighbor, being friendly as we meet

Some are earned from broken hearts, a death can earn some more

But you’ll never earn near enough with your feet stoned to the floor

All these badges we earn from life come from Him so great and wise

All the hard times we’re going through are just opportunities in disguise

None are earned from giving up or quitting when it’s tough

But trying hard to do your best, to God it’s good enough

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I like chocolate chip cookies on rainy days.

I found people don't know what you're wearing when you look them in the eye, but it's what you're wearing that gives you the courage to do so.

I like it when guys open my doors. I'm not incapable it's just nice.

Sometimes your greatest friends will just let you cry. No explanation needed.

Cooking is art for the stomach.

Children's laughs are so contagious.

Sometimes bad situations are usually the funniest.

Love is never outdated.

Be inspirational. To yourself.

Yell at God...He can take it.

Never regret what you have no control over.

Laugh uncontrollably.

Happiness comes from within.