Saturday, May 28, 2011

pouring rain, painting clouds, pill popping...point taken

Rain, rain, go away. It's May, for heavens sakes, and its raining...ALL THE TIME! I want sunshine on my shoulder...because it makes me happy. I'm very close to getting in the car and driving to vegas (which I hate vegas) so I can sit by a pool and get completely sunburned (I just don't tan!) and I want to see palm trees and blue skies.

That's enough about the weather (I mean what am I 80?) Speaking of 80, I'm taking an oil painting class and everyone is at least 45 or older. I love the diversity of this group. It's a private class with 3-7 people. Some people are coloring with colored pencils and others are painters. The picture above is what I am painting. It's an abandoned house in Wyoming. However, my clouds are a bit more dark and dreary then this picture. I think I'm doing really good. There's only a few times I've gotten frustrated with my painting. Mainly because the house wasn't cooperating.

I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and so now I'm on these pills for it. Lucky for me though, I get to experience every single side effect. So I can focus and I get to have: Insomnia, nausea, loss of appetite, migraines (all the time), weakness, and disorientation. Yippee! So I'm getting a new prescription but for the meantime I am slowly coming off of these meds.

Life is going so great right now. I have a great job (sometimes), and I like my classes, and I have a great ward, and life is good.

Hope life is beautiful for you too.