Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hello my dearest fashionistas!

I received a request to blog about how to take all the years of bargain hunting, garage sales, coupon clipping, and "I meant to only window shop but this was too cute to pass up" and turn it into a reflection of you. How do you take what is mass produced and turn it into an individual piece? How do you take something from, say, Target and completely redefine it to say "you"?

One thing I know for sure is stick with your strengths. I'm a conservative person. I don't like big parties, I don't drink, I keep my apartment pretty neat, and on any given Friday night I can be found watching an old movie with my closest friends. Now...who does this remind you of? With one word how would you describe my look from what I just said to you? The word I chose was...Grandma. I use a lot of cardigans in my attire. I have 4 or 5 different colors and styles of cardigans that I like to throw in the mix. If there is a particular dress I always wear a certain way, I'll throw on a bright turquoise sweater over it. I've also discovered how much I enjoy pendants in my accessorizing! I recently bought a bright red flower pendant that I'll throw on my colorful cardigans.

Now, not everyone has the same conservative style that I do. So, what can you do with your wardrobe? How can you shake things up? Ask yourself these questions:

1. My favorite thing in my closet is?....
2. My favorite color is?....
3. On any given Friday night you can find me?.....
4. If I could get rid of one thing in my closet it would be?....
5. I wish I could dress like (enter a celebrities name or someone in the public eye who's style you admire)
6. If I had to pick one article of clothing in my closet that describes me best it would be....
7. If I could travel anywhere, where would it be?...
8. How old am I (physically not mentally)?...

Now let me explain why these questions are so important. #1 my favorite thing in my closet is?... This question doesn't just describe the look of the garment, but the way you feel in it. Go ahead, I'll give you a second to put it on...ready? Now write down how you feel about yourself in this garment. Does it make you feel sexy, quirky, mysterious? Whichever word you used to describe yourself in the outfit is going to be the best word to describe your own personal style.

#2 My favorite color is?... this question isn't to get a specific color but to describe your favorite color scheme. Usually your psychological self will pick your favorite colors as the colors that will work best for your skin tone. I love vibrant colors. The brighter the better. I find that my attitude changes depending on the color I'm wearing.

#3 On any given Friday night you can find me?... Are you the the life of the party or are you at home like me enjoying popcorn and a movie? Are you cleaning your house frantically, or out on a nice, but quiet date with your significant other? You should always dress appropriately for the occasion you find yourself in. Please, Please, PLEASE, no pajamas to Walmart (or anywhere in public for that matter).

#4 If I could get rid of one thing in my closet it would be?... Mine would be the hoodies in the back of my closet that I never wear but I can't seem to get rid of them. Others would say the shirts you constantly have to fuss over, the dresses you always have to pull longer, or the jackets that don't hit you at the right angle. You now have my permission to get rid of them. There's a reason you subconsciously hate these articles of clothing!!!! THEY AREN'T YOU!!! You bought them on an impulse or you grew out of them, either way get rid of them. Realize that you can lead a girl to clothing that doesn't suit her, but you can't make her wear it. I knew a lady that I helped her purge her closet of bad taste and most of the things she was thrilled to be rid of them. I kept asking what she was thinking when she bought a certain item and she would tell me "I thought maybe I could try a different style, but I knew it really wasn't me". Listen, my lovelies...if you don't love it, if it doesn't really go with anything in your closet, if it's not your style...THEN DON'T BUY IT!!!! It's not going to magically become your favorite outfit overnight. Get rid of's only holding you back.

#5 I wish I could dress like... Pick a celebrity or a public figure and research them. Find pictures of them in magazines or on the web and look at the way they dress and present themselves. My favorite fashion icon is Zooey Deschanel. She likes to take the old and make it young and hip. Many a time have I seen her rocking her casual style with a cardigan or two. If you like their style chances are you have an item or two in your closet that works for you too.

#6 The article of clothing that describes me best... Looking in my closet it would be either the cardigans or the bright colored dresses. Become the Sherlock Holmes of your wardrobe. Notice what you wear a lot. If that's too hard for you, get your closest friend in on the deal. Look at each others wardrobes and rediscover yourself through someone else's point of view.

#7 If I could travel anywhere, where would it be?... Pick a spot on the globe and research it. Some of my best designs come from architecture, food, flowers... Rarely does it ever come from clothing. Choose your favorite place on earth and look at their culture, food, architecture, etc. and apply a bit of that into your wardrobe. I personally love Tuscany with their golden brown stone and sunflowers dancing across the landscape. What's your favorite place? How do you incorporate it?

#8 How old are you?... If you've hit the 30 mark it is no longer acceptable for you to wear leggings, mini skirts, or high cleavage shirts (nor is it appropriate for any age to wear that last one...keep it in ladies!). Just like you should dress for the appropriate occasion, you should dress for your appropriate age.

I hope this has helped you figure out how to incorporate your style into your mass produced wardrobe. A lot of it has to do with the way you accessorize the outfit. Most importantly you should always stay true to who you are and what you stand for. People will notice if you're uncomfortable with your outfit.

Be your own beautiful.


If there is something about fashion you would like to know about just ask and maybe you'll see a blog about it in the future!!!