Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday...A dismal day for fashion! Men's edition.

Today was every retailers greatest day and worst nightmare. Women become crazy demons, impolite predators, and pushy sale-hungry lionesses. However, surprisingly enough, todays award for the most fashion blunders and faux pas' was given, hands down, to the men!! I don't care how comfortable you're trying to be, it is never ok to wear sweats or pajamas out in public!!! If it were up to me every man would look like he stepped out of a Banana Republic and J. Crew catalog. I do realize that every man has their own unique style, just like every woman has theirs, I just wish sometimes they would leave that style at home!

Sweat it out

No. No. No. No. No. Sigh. I really hate sweats in public. Whatever happened to jeans? Or Khakis? Dockers anyone??? Bueller?

When it floods?

I dig the fire engine red floods with the loafers. Who says you can't mix business with casual? 1)Stacy London 2)Clinton Kelly 3)Tim Gunn 4) Michael Kors 5) Calvin Klein 6)Me 7).....

P to the J's
These are Smurf PJ's. No Comment.

And the winner is...

Low Rida!

This guys pants were so low (how low were they?) they were so low that penguins in Antarctica felt like they were being mocked. Really dude? I thought this fad ended in 1994.

Enjoy my Black Friday blunders.

Be Your Own Beautiful (tastefully!)


Friday, November 19, 2010

So, you think you can dress?

Sitting at a kiosk is a mind-numbing process. You sit, you greet, occasionally you straighten. But, the best part of my job is people watching. Here are some of my favorite outfits of the day.


This is meant to be a bubble skirt. Hers looks like it's sagging somehow. The length and color are fine but, if there was a little less bubble at the bottom it would be amazing. Like this one.

That's nacho poncho!

Okay, so this one is on a man but, the rules still apply. Here he has a hoodie underneath his poncho. Personally, I never liked ponchos very much. For bigger women they tend to look like a giant sack on our hills and valleys. Here is what I would have done if I were in boots.

Christmas Pants

First mistake: wearing baggy plaid pants. Second mistake: pairing it with those red boots!!! Plaid is sooooo in! BUT! There's a way to wear it without making it look...outdated.

The Pink Parade!

I salute you sista for having the courage to step outside dressed as a bottle of pepto bismol. However; Halloween is no longer upon us. There's a way to wear pink, even neon, and keep it classy!!

So remember my dear readers it's ok to take a chance in fashion. Once you fall within the fashion rules and guidelines, then you're allowed to take fun chances on the color of the outfit or funky accessories! Play around with fashion, just be sure you have an honest friend who won't let you walk out the door looking ridiculous! Because someone's always watching!

Be Your Own Beautiful!